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Caramuel – Girl Group Underground

18 junio, 2019 / Comentar

Caramuel_177_GirlGroupUndergroundPodcast de bandas de chicas de los 60 que no tuvieron la suerte de las Ronettes con Be My Baby. Escuchamos el doble CD Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground publicado en octubre de 2018 por Juno Records. Un total de 56 temas de grupos de féminas de los que presentamos una selección.

The Mellow Dawns. I Don’t Believe >< The Contessas. Gimme Gimme >< The Angels. My Boyfriend’s Back >< Bernadette Carroll. The Humpty- Dump >< Dotty McCullum. For As Long As You Want Me >< Dot & The Velvelettes. Searching For My Man >< Judy & The Affections. Dum, Dum De Dip >< The Chantells with The Aqua Lads. I’ll Never Know >< The Chapells. You’re Acting Kind of Strange >< The Monzas. Where Is Love >< The Para-mounts. I Don’t Want To Lose You >< The Voices. Fall In Love Again >< The Passionettes. My Fault >< The Shades. Tell Me Not To Hurt >< The Devilettes. I’ll Say Yes >< Devotions. Same Old Sweet Lovin’ >< The Belles. Melvin >< The Belles. Come Back >< The Tonettes. I Gotta Know >< The Soulettes. It’s Alright >< The Ray-Ons. You Confuse Me Baby >< Paulette & The Cupids. Teenage Dropout >< Judi & The Affections. Aint Gonna Hurt My Pride