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What`s The Fact? Nº3

1 febrero, 2017 / Comentar

WTF 3 homework.
Reading Comprehension.
According to the book choose the best words to complete the sentences.
1.- On the February 24th 1815…
a) Napoleon gives Edmond Dantès a letter.
b) The captain of the Pharaon – Leclère – dies.
c) The Pharaon arrives in Marseille.
2.- Dantès took a letter to Napoleon on Elba because…
a) He had to follow Captain Leclère’s orders.
b) He is a friend of the old Emperor.
c) He was paid for taking it.
3.- Monsieur Morrel wants Edmond to…
a) Be the next captain of the Pharaon.
b) Get into trouble.
c) Visit Mercedes.
Idiom. Use “what you see is what you get” in a sentence.