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Podcast Caramuel – British Mod Sounds Volume II The Freakbeat & Psych Years

7 mayo, 2024 / Comentar

Caramuel_274_British Mod Sounds Volume II The Freakbeat& Psych YearsEn 2022 grabamos un podcast a la caja de 4cds “British Mod Sounds of the Sixties” recopilatorio de Eddie Piller. En 2023 se publicó la segunda antología de este DJ, presentador de radio y fundador de Acid Jazz Records con excelente gusto musical con el título “British Mod Sounds Volume II The Freakbeat & Psych Years“ a este último recopilatorio de música dedicamos el programa de esta semana.

Tomorrow. My White Bicycle >< Aquarian Age. 10.000 Words In A Cardboard Box ><The 23rd Turnoff. Michael Angelo >< The Poets. Call Again ><The Ivy League. My World Fell Down ><The Action. In My Dream >< Dantalian’s Chariot. Madman Running Through The Fields >< Traffic. Coloured Rain ><The Spencer Davis Group. Moonshine >< The Yardbirds. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago ><The Truth. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) >< Scratch My Back. Jan Panter >< The Sorrows. You’ve Got What I Want >< The Gods. Come On Down To My Boat, Baby >< Wimple Winch. Save My Soul >< Fleetwood Mac. Rambling Pony >< The Accent. Red Sky At Night >< Warm Sounds. Nite Is A Comin’ >< Nirvana. Rainbow Chaser >< End. Shades Of Orange >< Status Quo. Pictures Of Matchstick Men >< Turquoise. Tales Of Flossie Fillett >< The Idle Race. Morning Sunshine >< The Move. Disturbance ><The Elastic Band. 8 1⁄2 Hours Of Paradise >< Sound Barrier. Groovin’ Slow >< Apple. Buffalo Billycan >< Vamp. Floatin’ >< The Troggs. Evil Woman >< The Kinks. This Time Tomorrow >< Quiet Melon. Diamond Joe >< Small Faces. Me, You And Us Too >< Humble Pie. Wrist Job >< Terry Reid. SuperLungs My Supergirl >< Nucleus. Song For The Bearded Lady >< Peter Wyngarde. Neville Thumbcatch